Love or Hate Them – Reviews Are One of The Most Important Marketing Opportunities for Any Dental Practice.

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Dental Reputation Management Software

What is NPI Crusader?

NPI Crusader™ is an online review generator and manager that is powered by Social Review Wizard ™. This software seamlessly integrates with your dental practice management software. After a patient comes in for their appointment, a link is either texted or emailed to the patient asking how their appointment went. When the link is clicked, the patient is presented with either a happy or sad face. Depending on the image they choose, they are given the option to post their positive review on Google, Facebook or Yelp. Or they are taken to a form where they can fill out what they felt went wrong. It is vital that you take control of your online reputation and this dental reputation management software makes this easy to do!

Why Choose New Patients Inc to Manage This?

Prior to endorsing this software in 2016, we spent time researching the best available dental reputation management software options. We wanted to make sure that the following criteria was met:

  • Seamless integration with most dental practice management software
  • Minimal disruption for the dental office staff (Setup and training takes 15 minutes)
  • Proven methods for increased engagement (Text messages are more likely to be responded to than emails…did you know that?)

This software does all of that! You can trust NPI to stay on top of the digital advances to best promote your dental office. While we are managing your dental office reviews you can continue to take care of your patients!

NPI Crusader is your top dental reputation management software.

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in Your Area

You want your patients to be digital advocates of your practice. You want them to be your online crusaders! Many dental practices struggle with getting patients to leave positive reviews at all, let alone on the right websites. With NPI Crusader, the struggles are over.

Integrates with Your
Existing Software

  • Dentrix
  • Eaglesoft
  • Softdent
  • Practiceworks
  • EasyDental
  • OpenDental
  • PracticeWeb

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