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Why Are NPI-Built Dental Websites so Effective?

Because we know it takes more than just pretty artwork. Everything has to work in concert with everything else. Like this:


Why Choose New Patients Inc to Build Your Website?

Our dental website designs are modern and evolve as technology improves so you will never be left behind. We believe that your website is the one of the first introductions of your office to the world and it should reflect the high-level of service and care that you will provide to your patients.

What to Look For in a Quality Website

Clear navigation that allows the user to quickly determine what services you offer, learn about the doctor who will be providing their care and discover social proof of the excellent care you provide. It is important to use high quality content to both educate the user on the benefits of dentistry, but also to establish your authority as a competent and caring practitioner. Most importantly, your website should clearly provide your contact information and location – you would be amazed how often this simple feature is overlooked!

Benefits of Having New Patients Inc Build and Maintain Your Website

We understand that design & technology is constantly changing. What is considered modern and fresh today can quickly look outdated and misguided within a few short years. This is why we have developed a dental website maintenance plan that allows for your website to be updated every few years, at no extra cost to you, while saving you the headache and expense of fully redesigning your website.

We Understand How the Dental Consumer Views Dentistry

When it comes to understanding the dental consumer and their view on dental care, we have over 30 years of experience in educating them and providing the message of what good quality dental care looks like. We understand that most consumers won’t know if you did the root canal correctly, but they certainly know how you made them feel – comfortable or not. This feeling directly translates into whether or not they feel their dentist is “good.”

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