NPI Command™: The Most Effective Digital Ad Optimization Platform for Dentists


Why Should New Patients Inc Manage Your Dental PPC Ad Campaigns?

If you are a do it yourself Google Ad manager for a dental practice, or even someone who pays someone to manage Google Ads for dentists – you will want to learn how NPI manages digital ad campaigns.


It all starts with a tech/data platform that has no rival
  • Dynamically rotating Ad Sets
  • Dynamically rotating Landing Pages
  • 24/7/365 digital evaluation of best performing combinations
  • Hundreds of thousands of known positive and negative keywords by subject
  • Ability to measure best performance variables, by subject, across the entire country

  • Ability to measure from click source through practice management software, to revenues
  • Clients see, hear, understand and watch results in real time (transparency)

Now add some really impressive people
  • Listen to, relevance rate, and interaction rate, every phone call

  • Optimize based on ACTUAL real business outcomes, not just obscure clicks, views, or what Google “thinks” is a conversion
  • Constantly tweak ad sets and landing pages to improve performance (find a new winner)
  • Maximize Google Ad score to lower client click costs when compared to everyone they compete with locally

Our dental PPC platform allows for full control over your ad campaigns

How does a dental practice get started with NPI Command?

The Initial Analysis – Why You Need One

Regardless of whether you hire NPI to manage your PPC campaign, you manage your own campaign, or you hire another company, do NOT skip the initial analysis step. Our analysis will provide you with:

An initial analysis is required to properly setup your Facebook or Google Ads Campaigns

Broad competitive analysis of several dental subjects
  • Which dentists/entities are bidding on keywords/phrases for each dental subject

  • How much they are spending each month on their ads?

  • What their dental ads look like (if they are using price incentives or not)

  • Know the Good and Bad Marketing Opportunities in Your Specific Market

  • Our recommended monthly ad budget for each subject on the analysis report

Without an analysis, you/us/whoever you hire is flying completely blind, at night, in a thunderstorm. Google Ads (all PPC) is a bidding environment. It never makes sense to budget more than you have to, and it certainly makes no sense to compete in an arena you cannot or choose not to afford.

Think of the initial analysis like you would a set of x-rays, your eyes, and an explorer during an initial analysis of a patient’s oral health. You wouldn’t start treatment without a thorough exam. It’s the same with digital marketing.

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