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Online vs. Offline Marketing Spending Did Change

There was a BIG shift in dental marketing/advertising spending within the majority of dentists over the last eight to ten years. Some dentist somewhere told another dentist somewhere, the secret to success is spending all of your advertising money online. The internet is “where all the patients are!”

Hmmm. Let’s dig into this incredibly errant and expensive theory just a bit.

If this theory is true, there would be no Geico, Progressive, Amazon, WalMart, CarMax, NetFlix, EBay, Yahoo, Dollar Shave Club, Angie’s List, or Uber commercials on TV, Radio, or in print anywhere.

But everywhere you look and listen, on TV, on Radio, and in print – you see ads for virtually EVERY successful online company in the world. If everyone and everything is online, why are (virtually) ALL the big online companies advertising offline?

These big successful companies use offline advertising to drive qualified local traffic to their online properties. Think of a website as a storefront. Think of offline promotion as an ad telling people about the store and where the store is located.

Takeaway: Smart successful dentists will embrace what they see other large successful companies doing. Then, sensibly and within budget, will adapt the same philosophy in advertising to their own dental practice. Here are the main differences between online and offline advertising and why they complement each other SO AMAZINGLY well.

In the world of human behavior, the phrase passive-aggressive is a negative behavioral trait. In the world of effective and efficient dental marketing, the phrase passive/aggressive is THE correct balance.

If we were to point to ONE thing, and one thing only, as the reason our clients stay with us for 5, 10, 15, and even over 20 years – it’s because we establish the proper balance of passive and aggressive advertising in their specific market.

An explanation follows. Please do not assume one is better than the other. Assume they are equally important to a long-lasting effective marketing strategy.

Aggressive advertising: (all forms of mail, print media, radio, TV, signage, etc.)

Characteristics of aggressive advertising:

  • You are not waiting for consumers to find you. You are finding them.
  • You are imposing new information.
  • Introduces new benefits of your practice that were previously unknown.
  • Shifts value perception of what is already known.
  • People are not necessarily shopping.

In a nutshell, those are the differences between passive and aggressive advertising avenues.

For the most part, you can also think of it like this:

Online = Passive

Offline = Aggressive

Here is what happened to dentistry over the past 10 years. Important Note: When we say dentistry, we are not including our clients. Our clients maintain a 60/40 to 40/60 split in their budget when it comes to investing in passive and aggressive mediums over the past 10 years.

Dentistry over shifted too much (way too much) of its dental marketing budgets into just passive advertising from about 2008 to about 2016.

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