Why NPI?
We’ve been helping dental practices since 1989. Here’s how.

New Patients Inc – the best dental marketing company in Las Vegas!

Our dental marketing company has conducted in depth consumer research

Unprecedented Consumer Research & Testing.

New Patients Inc has been testing every conceivable variable in every promotional medium in the US and Canadian dental markets since 1989. We have also commissioned completely independent, professional, large-scale consumer research. We know what works and what doesn’t.

At NPI, we know that there are segments in the dental consumer market. Not every patient will choose a healthcare provider primarily based on price. The top half of the dental market is the most difficult to attract. This is the portion of the dental market that requires research, testing, and statistical analysis. Consistently attracting these customers will get up to twelve times the long-term return on your investment.

More of The Right Patients.

Better Return on Investment.

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Reputation Among Your Colleagues.

Building a rock-solid reputation as a marketing firm in dentistry takes hard work, consistent results for clients, a lot of time, and a lot of integrity. Read our reviews and testimonials from your peers. NPI is the real deal.

What if there was one dental marketing company who could optimize all of your marketing? Your website, different mail campaigns, your Google Ads, and maybe a radio campaign? What if you had a company at your disposal to blend your designs, orchestrate your deployment, and coordinate all of your promotions? NPI is that company. From startup to retirement. One trusted marketing partner for an entire career.

One Marketing Company for Your Entire Career.

Conserving Marketing Budget Resources.

Proper targeting, proper deployment volume, proper deployment timing, proper messaging, literally everything we do is designed to squeeze as much value from your marketing budget as humanly possible.


Identifying emerging media and testing them for cost effectiveness and predictability is what we do. When you hear about some cool new way to promote your dental practice – check here first. There is a very good chance we’ve done it, we have measured it, and we have a predictability index on it.

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